• Tabatha Mudra
    Director/Producer/Activist/Performance Artist/Photographer
    After 15 years of photography, Tabatha Mudra transitioned into film to expand her abilities as a storyteller. Tabatha seeks to use film as a way to effectively engage and communicate her passions to the audience. As an activist, Tabatha’s drive is to share absorbing stories that embrace the LGBT community and humanity.
  • Niki Lopez
    Producer/Pre-Viz Artist/SMM/Tech Support/Resource/Artist/ Activist
    A multi-disciplined creative powerhouse, Niki has as many jewels as she has locks! Niki’s contributions as a producer, pre-vis artist, artist, and advocate are only part of what makes her such a key Bandit. Niki’s fun-loving nature fuels her hard-working ethic that often extends into nearly every part of the work created by the 1310 Bandits.
  • Nikki Saraiva
    Producer/Art Department/Music Management/Artist
    Nikki “Detourbutterfly” Saraiva is a multi-talented artist who fills many roles across the creative map. Always on the hunt to further her artistic expression, Nikki’s passions drive her to give everything she can to every Bandits production, often playing anything from Producer to Boom Operator.
  • Rozie
    Art Department/Script Support/Crafty/Boom Operator

    Another Queen-of-all-trades, Rozie brings her vision and creative mojo to the Bandits, working on the next most important thing. Rosie’s versatility makes her an asset to any creative project from Art Department to Crafts to Script Support.

  • Jenny
    Production assistant & BTS photographer.
    Aspiring bandit with an overload of inspiration that comes with working with the veterans of 1310 bandits
  • Zusel Escriba
    My name is Zusel Escriba, an experimenter, visionary idealist, inspired by humanity in all of its’ splendors and obstructions. Recently venturing into film, although always playing within the visual arts universe, photography being a central inspiration and constant exploration. I am presently working on my first documentary film, centering around artists in Jacmel, Haiti, and which deals with social complexities such as discrimination, creative freedom as a form of boundless expression despite sexual orientation, or gender, and how we can help provide a safe space for these artists to freely and safely create, manifest, and flourish not only as artists, but as people.
  • Erin Lee
    Lead Editor
    Erin Lee has worked in post-production for several films on Caribbean culture and served as the technical director on location for large-scale music festivals on the islands. She has also worked for the PBS series “Standing on Sacred Ground” and has produced videos for the San Francisco School of Bartending, SF Mixology, and Sonim Technologies in Silicon Valley. She currently works as a producer in Miami, FL.
  • Alana DaCosta
    Script Support, Music
    Alana DaCosta is a creative rebel and her creative abilities are limitless. She uses many mediums as a creative community builder, artist activist, singer/songwriter, musician, and poet. Musically, Alana’s distinctive sound also extends beyond boundaries as she blends neo-soul with reggae, jazz, world music and a drop of funk.  Her mission: Artistically Responsible for Creating Change, Social Responsibility and Collective Inspiration.
  • Rachel Finley
    Rachel Finley, a graduate of Carnegie Melon University's School of Drama, is a bold and soulful dramatic artist. She is best known for her work in live theatre as a director, writer, actor and set designer. Rachel is excited to continue her grow as a filmmaker with the 1310 Bandits tribe of cinematic artists.
  • Rhett Thompson
    Rhett Thompson is a comedian based in Miami Florida. Born and bred in a lower working/upper poverty level neighborhood in Akron Ohio, she credits her Japanese mother's strength, tenacity, and love of Black culture for her fish-out-of-water survival skills and dark humor. Rhett is ecstatic to join the 1310 Bandits in their quest to conquer the 48 Day Film Project
  • Jacqueline Romano
    Lead Editor
  • Alexa Caravia
    Alexa Caravia is dedicated to revealing and understanding the human condition through narrative cinematography. She has shot over 15 films on location in 6 countries and has co-produced award-winning feature films and television series.
  • Sid Durand
    Animator, Motion Graphics, Video Editor, 3D Artist
    Creative specialist with Graphic Design/ 3D Design experience from package design to product visual advertisement. Exceptional skills in: Graphic Design, 3D Design, Motion Graphics, and Video Editing.
  • Ruben R. Diaz
    Ruben R. Diaz is a writer with 20 years experience working as a journalist, blogger, web content creator, and copywriter over the past several years. Ruben has written several plays, award-winning short films, two television pilots, and several graphic novels in development.
  • Ghenete “G” Wright Muir
    Ghenete “G” Wright Muir has played the role of a passionate lawyer in life for 17 years. She recently branched out to more creative roles as a storyteller, writer & activist. G founded and performs at -”Thou Art Woman”-an open mic night celebrating LGBTQ women & allies. She also shares her LGBT life, personality and humor at her blogsite www.verygtv.com, on facebook and instagram via the handle @verygtv. G made her film acting debut in 2015 during the Miami/Fort Lauderdale 48 Hour Film Project.